winkler4ward8 lawnsign


Please help us increase the visibility of Natalie's campaign for Ward 8 councillor with a lawn sign.

Our signs are the most effective way to show your support and can be placed inside your front window if you would prefer!

These signs are the easiest way to support your favourite candidate, and they're also the most cost-effective advertising we could ever do.

If it's within your means, any donation you are able to make to the campaign can help us to cover the costs to ensure that your voice is represented at City Hall for Ward 8.

If your sign is ever damaged or stolen, please do let us know and we will replace it for you as soon as possible!

If you are interested in signing up to receive updates from Natalie in her campaign to improve your Ward 8 representation at City Hall, but are not in a position to display a lawn sign, you can also sign up below without selecting the "I would like to request a lawn sign" button.

Will you sign up?